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Skully & friends is a T-shirt label designed in Zagreb, Croatia (made in California, US). What makes this brand stand out from the others lies in our designers. These are children. Imagination, creativity and playfulness of children knows no boundaries and rules and this is what adults want to wake up in their lives. For this reason our designs are in fact children's scribblings :)

Brand was founded by Hrvoje Šušak after he noticed his son’s drawings of funny looking characters. He appreciated their simple, comedically creepy expression. Soon, the drawings’ apparent weirdness reminded Hrvoje of how fun it was when he was a kid when all he did was play, tinker, question, explore, wander, do things the ‘wrong’ way, make a mess, daydream and just indulge in crazy ideas of what the world is about and what the creatures in it mean, do and look like.

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We also offer a cool feature where you can submit your own kids’ drawings to be used for only your personalized gift in spirit of Skully & friends. Every your drawing is our new little project. Make your customized gift as a way to even further personalize and increase the impact of the brand’s message of playfulness, child-like joy and its harmless amusing weirdness.

Let your new fashion be immersed into your child's imagination.

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T-shirt brand powered by childrens' imagination.