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Wait, what about me?

Then we thought: hey, there must be lots of Friends out there living in obscurity of their creators' Skullies thinking they may be the only ones daring to be weird. Well, we believe they deserve to see the light of day and be celebrated for embracing their weirdness and owning their stories! So, as you're reading this thinking: totally! I know tones of skullies and their friends: my daughter, nephew, grandson, friend has introduced me to so many of them through their drawings... guess what? We want to meet them and so does the funloving world! Head over to My Skully (personalized gifts) and send us a photo of a Friend that we have to meet with a few words about them and we'll honor their story with a t-shirt to call a home away from their skully home and be an inspiration to us all :)



Hrvoje with wifeWith my wife at art festival Samoborska Dvorišna furka, Croatia, 2018.